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NOS USD Royal Aqua Master Double Hose Regulator For Sale

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Postby James » Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:16 pm

NOS heavy yoke RAM for sale. It has been drug around on a shelf by previous owner so there are some scratching on the front cover, other than that, it is a new regulator.

I want 550 dollars for this unit.

I stripped it down and performed the following:

1. New (vdh) silicone diaphragm
2. New NOS LP stem, seat, nut
3. New blue Titan HP seat
4. New (vdh) HP diaphragm
5. Set IP to 138 psi

Regulator has clear NOS USD cage valves, NOS USD silicone mushrooms, NOS USD seamed neoprene hoses in excellent condition, NOS USD neoprene curved mouthpiece, NOS USD original duckbill in good shape, NOS heavy yoke and knob, NOS USD band clamp (vdh bolt and nut).

I can possibly offer this unit with a new Phoenix conversion (3,400 psi), that will require an additional 250 dollars, allows use of HP and LP hoses, octopus second, BC etc.

The Royal Aqua Master round label with heavy yoke (3,000 psi) is somewhat rare, they were the last of the line and is a desirable unit both from it's quiet and smooth performance as well as it's ability to gobble up 3,000+ psi air with no worries.







This is an excellent photography regulator, critters that cannot be approached with a single hose noise maker can be a face to face experience with a double hose, the rear exhaust is muted and the intake is very quiet and smooth, no bubbles in your face.

PM me if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Use of antique scuba gear will cause you to die immediately, much like a Medusa head, the mere sight of a Royal Aqua Master has been known to turn PadI divers to stone, use with extreme caution, intended for display use ONLY. If you use it for something other than display, like going to 200 feet on the wall at Grand Cayman like I just did, you are on your own buster.

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