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new wide lens , 20min pool session, residue on lens.

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Postby matsky » Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:20 am

Hi I have a new ikelite lens I wanted to try it out so took it in local pool for 20 mins . It now has a residue that i cannot get rid of , the lens is totaly unusable , I have tried lens cleaner . doesn't make even the slightest difference , i used it for the first ime with new ikelite housing also , the back of the wide angle lens is perfect also the front of the housing lens , so i cant see how it is something in the pool . I wondered if it was some residue from manafacture reacting with chlorine ??? I have emailed Ikelite , they say post it back to them in the usa 50 dolar repair cost and postage to pay !!! Its not that easy as I am in thailand , My original set up was lost by a customer , and he was good enough to buy all new kit in Hong kong where he lives and posted it out to me .so i have no receipts and also feel bad about even telling the poor guy who was good enough to replaace all my 3 year old kit (I had Inon fish eye and cannon housing before) .If anyone has any sugestions as to how i could shift this residue i would be realy gratefull , I am here for another 5 weeks and would love to be able to try the w20 lens out !!!! befor i return to the uk ....
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Postby bvanant » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:33 pm

Which lens? If it is the wide angle lens then I am quite sure that the pool didn't hurt it unless there was something very bad in the pool.

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