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Red (blue water) filter for e-pl1 & Zen port - possible?

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Postby byte_me » Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:47 pm


Still loving my EPL-1 setup (kit lens, 7-14 panny lens, zen WA port, Sola600 and D2000 Inon strobe) with one exception. On longer distance stills and nearly all video where the strobe or video lights just won't penetrate far enough I've been less than pleased with my results - far too blue and no way to correct in post processing. So on a surface interval in Bonaire I thought, a red filter would be perfect for those times when strobe/lighting doesn't work - but I've never seen one for this rig.

I've read that some have used the Equinox 52mm blue water filter and I like the results on still samples I've seen. Has anyone used that for video? The big problem (for me) with this is its an in-housing solution and can't be removed during the dive. I'd prefer something that can be removed during the dive so I can shoot close using strobe / video light.

Has anyone seen or used this? I found it in Scuba Symphony's ad in Underwater Photography mag, issue 64 page 41.

I emailed Scuba Symphony on the filter in the picture, RM492 for the filter and RM99 for shipping - $196.54. They said the filter is "similar to" UrPRo CY filter.

I'm hesitant to try for a couple reasons:
1) no real world reports on the thing that I've been able to find
2) $200 is over my "let's give it a shot, if it doesn't work out no big deal" limit
3) I pinged Reef and they had reservations about putting that SS filter in front of the Zen port as it may present trouble focusing since its close to the minimum focus distance of the 7-14. Reef recommended an on lens filter - which means no ability to take it off during the dive. :cry:

I've emailed Magic Filter, would like to see if they have a filter of similar material that I could perhaps make my own out of like the Scuba Symphony one. I've got an idea of how to build one but I need the filter - assuming that the filter material alone would fall under my "let's give it a shot" limit I could build it myself and give it a go.

Has anyone tried an external red filter on an M43 setup like this? Or have another solution? I'd love to see samples of the video/stills shot using!

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