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Postby diverchrisfl » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:43 pm

I have a Nikon D80, with two lens that have variable focal lengths (55 - 200 and 18-55). I also have a 60 mm macro lens. I have successfully used an ikelite housing with D/S 125 strobe and my macro lens many times. Specifically, I use the autofocus feature.

I want to be able to use my wide angle lens and the telephoto underwater, however, the autofocus will not work. I have specifically checked to make sure I can change the focal length above water (while in the underwater housing) and the autofocus works fine. Underwater, however, the camera cannot seem to autofocus.

I did a test today while the camera was in the housing. All conditions are the same except for being underwater. It was a sunny day in a crystal clear pool. And, yes, I have checked to be sure the autofocus is turned on on the lens and the camera body. :-)

Anybody have any ideas? Is there something else I can try? Is there such a thing as a single focal length wide angle lens and should I be using that instead? Thanks!
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Postby Zig » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:31 am

My guess is that there's not enough contrast underwater for the lens to focus. Also, remember that when shooting underwater, you want to be as close to the subject as possible in order to get the sharpest photos with the best contrast. I do not know of anyone who uses those zoom telephoto lenses underwater for that reason. Ideally you'd be using a wide-angle lens that can focus very close to the dome port, like a Tokina 10-17mm FE. I do know that some people have tried the 18-55mm underwater with varying success.

Here is an article that I think may help --> ... phy-lenses

Have fun out there!
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