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Canon wp-dc42 and 2 strobes?

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Postby Vadermort » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:08 pm

Hey guys, I'm new to UW photography, and this site is absolutely awesome. For my question:

My setup is currently a Canon sx230 hs in Canon's WP-DC42 housing. I am also using an Intova ISS 2000 slave strobe setup as in the pics below. I have found second strobe the Ikelite 100a TTL strobe for a really good price (<$100 second hand, including arms). I would like to know if I can connect a second strobe using my setup right now, or what I will need (obviously a base tray extension). Given that TTL wont work, Will the 100a strobe accept an optic fiber sync cable?

Ikelite 100a ... e_Kit.html

WP-DC42 ... e_for.html

Front view of my current setup

Rear view

Optic fiber connector view
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