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Newbie Gear Purchase Questions

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Postby Entacmaea » Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:37 pm

Hey everyone- new here and new to underwater photography, but really excited to have found this site- I think I've read every word on it! I will do a mix of cold and warm water diving, as I live near Monterey, California, but also travel. I'd like to buy the right "advanced and enthusiastic amateur" gear the first time, and not have to upgrade or purchase new gear in the future.

I'm looking for some advice on purchases, and looking at the Canon t4i to start. My first question is whether anyone knows if the Sea and Sea RDX600 Canon t3i housing will work for the t4i? The other option would be the Ikelite t4i housing, which is nice because it already has the TLL built in, but is more bulky and I've heard mixed reviews... ?

Lenses to start would be the Canon 100mm macro, and maybe a Tokina 10-17mm- though I'm much more a close-up critter diver so wide-angle is less a priority.

Strobes- maybe start with one YS-D1 and save up for the next, or jump in with two YS-O1's. I know two strobes is better than one, but how much better?

One of the things I like about the Canon t4i is that is can take HD video as well, with improved auto-focus. So, any thoughts on a video/focus light would be great as well.

Sorry for all the questions- educate me folks!

Best, Peter
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