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NiMH battery hazard in UW Cameras & Strobes??

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Postby halibutmike » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:20 pm

I was looking at buying some new rechargables for my next trip to Maui in Sept.....and came across this: ... ndbook.pdf
"Can eneloop be used in underwater light?
Please do not use eneloop and SANYO Ni-MH batteries on underwater
light and sealed application. SANYO Ni-MH batteries contain a gas
release vent, which allows releasing hydrogen, when the battery is
misused. For normal usage, gas will not be released but hyper-electric
discharge or short circuit can cause inside of the batteries gas pressure
to rise and gas will automatically be released. This gas contains
Hydrogen and sealed devises cannot diffuse the gas. So if there is any
firing source like sparks, it might cause bursting or fire." :o

I'm unclear on any difference between the eneloop or Sanyo NIMH batteries and the energizers or rayovacs I'm been using. (I have a Canon A570is that uses 2AA bats).

Anyone have any insight on using rechargables and any hazards?? ( I know the airlines dont want us to pack lithium bats in the checked baggage....).

(I also found this: - )

PS.... yes I'm new here.... but I wanted to get this posted quickly - and I did a quick "search" but found nothing... I'll post in the Intro section in the next few days.
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Postby James » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:11 am

I believe that this is one of those "liability" things. Nobody wants their rechargeable batteries used in devices that are sealed and which are subjected to high/continuous discharge --such as an underwater light---as there is some possibility that hydrogen venting could ocurr and that then all you need is some little spark and then B-O-O-M!

Some lights I have owned in the past that used NiCd batteries had a little hydrogen absorbant packet and special instructions not to charge until the unit has vented and a bunch of other warnings.

The Eneloop is probably not intended as a continuous, high discharge rate battery design, it is great for applications with high rates and then no rate ;) such as strobes or cameras or other applications with relatively high loads and then get a rest period such as between charging the strobe capacitor or recording a CMOS chip etc.

I have a DR LED750 light, great light, I have tried various rechargeable batteries in it but frankly, Duracell Alkalines are the way to go for that light.

Not an expert on this, I think BVant could offer better info (much better).

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Postby bvanant » Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:14 am

A lot depends on what you are using the batteries in. For strobes I believe that the Eneloop type (low internal discharge) are the best. In fact, Inon recommends them for their strobes and suggests not to use the standard NiMH batteries. For focus lighting and other continuous lighting applications, the Eneloop batteries are still way ahead of the game. I use them in both my FIX and Ivideo focus lights with no issues. I don't believe that there is any actual concern but rather as James said, a potential liability. If you do use them, I would not let them sit sealed overnight with the batteries in but simple open the cap and let them vent. The only issues I have had in the last several years is trying to use the new NiZn batteries that have higher voltage. I used them in my Inon strobes and the recycle times were quite a bit better but when I left them overnight there was indeed some pressure built up in the strobe.

The bottom line is go ahead, use the Eneloop type batteries but if you are at all concerned let them vent overnight.


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