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Postby lidrew » Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:54 am

Hello all,
I stumbled upon this forum because I saw some of Ron Watkins photos on his blog. I'm looking to do something similar for a client of mine. Another example that might come a little closer to what I'm looking to do are the underwater shots on this site

I'll be shooting indoor pools, 1-3 children at a time with a Sigma 10-20 zoom. I have Nikon hotshoe flashes and Alien Bees strobes, but not sure if it's even safe or feasible to use those in this situation.

I've been shooting for awhile and know my way around a camera, strobes, triggers, etc. but know shooting underwater is a completely different animal. What I'd like to get are two sets of gear suggestions (one for my Nikon D7000 and the other for an older Nikon DSLR that I may purchase to be a dedicated underwater body).

    1. I know for the D7000, I would probably go with an Ikelite housing as it seems to be the least expensive of the nicer housings. What I'm not sure of is what else I would need to get shots similar to those on the website above. Port, arms, strobe, etc?

    2. The other option would be to get a used older Nikon DSLR (D90 maybe?) and housing as it may be less expensive to go that route.

I'll be using the photos for promotional images for advertising and possibly printing some for parent of the kids (5x7, 8x10ish).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. :D
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