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Stingray City, any suggestions?

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Postby James » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:36 pm

I am probably putting this topic in the wrong forum so please move it if need be.

OK, well, thanks to BP my trip to Destin, Florida is done in so next up is preparing for Grand Cayman. I am interested in this "Stingray City" place. Can anyone provide additional info as to typical shooting conditions, viz, expected critters, any particular suggestions to get "nice" photos :lol: ? Is it possible to get some shots without legs and arms and feet flailing about or is that expecting too much from this popular site?

Got any shots from this place or similar, if so, post them up. Thanks.

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Postby Ryan » Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:57 am

Stingray City is best early in the morning (sunrise) from a private boat when the stingrays fly in formation. You'll see groups of 6 or so moving around in unison with really great dappled light.

North Sound can get really green, but it can also be sapphire blue on a flood tide. Just roll of the dice there...

I put a pieces of squid in a water bottle with a hole cut in he cap and use that as a scent bait. This way I can get out away from the group, and keep the stingrays interested. They are curious even without bait, but they'll hang around, and you can move them up in the water column if you have a teaser.

Swimming out towards the reefline is great for dusky jawfish and nudibranchs.
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