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Postby flip69 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:56 pm

I am new to underwater photography. I have found the info on the website and in the forums very helpful. I am preparing to assemble a compact digital system, that will most likely be based around a Canon S95 or G12 camera. Of the various components of the system, strobes are the most foreign to me. I am looking at various used and budget strobes. I have a couple of questions.

The website lists the popular strobes for DSLR users, and the popular strobes for compact digital users. The popular DSLR strobes tend to be the larger/more powerful strobes, and the compact digital strobes the smaller/less powerful. Is there a reason not to use the bigger strobes with a compact digital setup? From what I can tell, they are compatible. Is it overkill? Do compact digital users simply tend to be drawn to the smaller strobes because of size and cost?

Assume I have enough money for one larger/more powerful strobe, or two smaller/less powerful strobes. Is it better to have a single more powerful strobe, or two less powerful strobes. I expect it might depend upon the specific strobes. However, can anyone provide some general observations. For example, what about one Sea & Sea YS-110 versus two YS-60s?

I look forward to your insights.
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Postby scottg » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:50 pm

I often use 2 Ys-110a strobes with a compact camera. It is not overkill.

I would rank the setups in the following order:
1 ys-01
2 ys-01 strobes
2 ys-110a strobes

You can never have enough light underwater. Many compact shoots get the YS-110a for serious wide-angle, faster recycle time, or in case they upgrade the camera in the future.

hope that helps! Call me at 310-633-5052 if you have any more specific questions.


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