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Upgrade Help for Fuji F80EXR

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Postby linky » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:26 am

Hi Guys

Enjoying this Forum, starting to learn lots :)

I recently got bitten by the underwater photography bug, I have never used camera before even very rarely on land. So decided to go with a compact first and learn how to walk before running.

I got the Fujifilm F80 EXR with WP-FXF80 housing - standard.

I went on hoilday and managed to take some suprisingly great pics (by my standards :D )
But I also learnt the importance and the benefit of Flash kits and lenses.

These are some of my first pics taken: ... 962859463/

Now my question is as follows:

Firstly, I dont mind paying a little extra for stuff, Im patient enough to wait for the right thing before I buy (it took me a few months to decide on an F80)

Now I understand that INON have the following setup recommended: ... fxf80.html

•Fujifilm 「FinePix F80EXR」+ Fujifilm「WP-FXF80」
•「M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF80」 (*4)
•「S-2000」(with supplied “-0.5 White Diffuser for S-2000”)
•「Optical D Cable・Bush W52 Set Type L with Clear Photo System Film」
•「Grip Base D4」
•「D Holder Extension Bar」
•「Direct Arm Z Set」
•「M67 Lens Holder S」
•「UCL-165 M67」
•「Color Filter・LE Set」
•「Single Light Holder・LE」
•「Shoe Base」

Could I get away with buying the FujiFilm Remora Underwater Flash Kit instead of the INON strobes, as I live in South Africa and its not easy to get certain products delivered here?
Does anyone know if INON are the only people that make lense holders for this housing or similar Compacts?

I am already happy with the pics I have taken, but I really want to be able to get so much more. Am I going in the right direction buy upgrading what I have currently? Or should I be looking at a different setup?

Do you think I could get away with just getting a Fuji Remora strobe... Or should I really put in the effort to get the lense adapter, lenses, lamps and all the other goodies in that list?
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Postby bvanant » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:51 pm

If you are ever going to upgrade to a different (non Fuji) camera and housing, investing in good strobes (Inon, Sea&Sea, Ikelite) makes great sense. Inon UW add on lenses for both macro and wide angle are probably the most useful underwater but there are some others. The Fuji Remora is made by Fantasea and while some people love them many folks just are not happy with them. Personally I would get one of the Inon strobes (S2000 or D2000) and go diving and take some pictures.


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Postby linky » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:37 pm

Hi Bill

Thank you very much for you reply!

At the current level of interest I have, I do see myself ending up with a much more advanced SLR rig much later in life.
Its very difficult for me to get INON products, Ikelite and Sea&Sea are much more common here (although I pay about twice as much for them)

To give you an idea an Ikelite AF35 would cost me about $806.14 where Amazon sells it for $400 (they refuse to deliver to SA)

But since you strongly recommend the INON strobes, im going to try my hardest to see If I can get some of those rather, as I say id rather be patient for many months and I know Iv bought right.

Thanks again for your positive feedback!
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