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Anyone a camera designer/manufacturer?

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Postby PFortman » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:52 am

Anyone a camera designer/manufacturer?
Long ago I did the SLR Ikelite housing, tray and off-center mounted strobe bit. The dive gear and camera pre-dive check list was like a space shuttle launch! I've more recently acquired a Canon D10 and later a Pentax WG-1 with an added Eye-Fi WiFi card that downloads the pics to a laptop or iPad.

I can't understand why camera developers have not targeted the large number of divers, kayakers, surf and paddle boarders with a dedicated mirrorless waterproof camera with a moderate wide-angle (28mm) lens, and wireless SD memory card. Put a fiberoptic coupler over the flash lens to after-market a strobe on an arm. In other words, the less the user opens the case, the less chance of flooding. Simple design, cheaper manufacturing cost. Magnetic recharg batteries are slow and interchangeable would be better, but the battery compartment is easily sealed from the rest of the inner workings. If it floods, it's not fatal to the camera.
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Postby Behold » Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:37 am

I have wondered why there have not done more ideas on waterproof cases. Also why have only ikelite done a case that allows photos to be taken with out removing your hand of the handle?

A clip sealed battery compartment would work well and could house the SD card. you can buy Waterproof cards now to save data when there flooded and making a sealed battery compartment which would result in minimal clean up if flooded would be easy enough.

Lenses is your big issue. having a lens setup it would need to be in a port that would put a level of failure.

There reason im assuming on this is cost.
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