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Next camera GX-1 ?

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Postby argonaut » Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:20 pm

Not a newcomer to photography or Underwater photography.
My first Digi was a canon G3, then up in size to Olympus C 8080, then a Fuji F30, followed by a Fuji F31.
I found that when I went up to larger size, Ikelite housings, strobe, brackets & arms ... the whole scope of the dive changed.
I know that for me the dive is the primary and is I see something I like, I will take a picture, I don’t dive to photograph .. although appreciate many do. Now looking to get my next camera, not wanting to go to DSLR... it needs to be a compact with at least a 3" screen.

This is not just used as an UW camera, also above water use, but appreciate I need a reasonable wide angle zoom ... with a good aperture and sensor size.

I have been considering the following:
Canon G 1X ... it has good zoom coverage with the 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 lens and it's 1.5" sensor is almost up at the DSLR size.
It has very dismal macro focussing distance; and probably has a huge range of functions I will never use.
Plus reviews are that shutter lag is worst in class .. and focusing not that great.

Olympus XZ-1 .... it's about 1/2 the price of the Canon, has a much brighter lens than Canon, but sensor size is not that big, and no full HD video.
Also as the Olympus is now approaching 18 months old, is it due to be replaced ?

Fuji X10 ... this has promising appeal on specs, reviews so far seem very positive, fast focus, good lens, pity the screen is less than 3".
The biggest negative seems to be there is no Fuji housing ... my last 2 cameras have had Fuji housings and they have been less than 1/2 price of camera, if I have to get a 3rd party housing - probably cost more than the camera.
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Postby Zig » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:12 am

Perhaps this guide will help you in your quest. ... meras-2012

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Postby argonaut » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:55 am

I had seen that previoulsy .. Thnx anyway.

Recsea housings are not used in Europe (well rarely) ... too expensive
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Postby bvanant » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:55 am

What are your main goals since the message seems to be mixed. Are you mostly interested in pictures or video or are both equally important. Are you interested in wide angle or macro mostly or are both equally important? Why is a 3 inch screen the deciding factor? Are you shooting for the web, computer output or prints and if prints how big. Sensor size makes a big difference for the ultimate print, but if you are shooting for a website or to share with friends via facebook then any decent P&S (canon s100) will be fine. It seems that you are interested only in cameras that have OEM housings and that means the Canon or the Olympus in this class. I would also take a look at some of the micro 4/3 stuff with Olympus housings but they may be too big.
As for obsolescence, all cameras will soon be obsolete, I shoot with something at least w generations old and won't change for another two or so.

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Postby argonaut » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:25 am

In simple terms my main goal is diving, I always take a camera with me ... and usually end up taking video clips as well as stills ... so both equally important.
I don't want to bother with strobes & lights - went that route previously, and it's not for me.

3" screen important as I found a 2"screen very difficult to use, I use a prescription mask, so admit my eyesight needs the help.

My pics are a mix of subjects, so far not done much in super macro mode, but at least the things usually stay still.

Since original post doing a lot of Googling around and it seems the Canon G1-X while packed with features and a large sensor size lacks in some fundamentals for underwater use ..
i.e. a fast/bright lens (full stop behind Olympus XZ-1), Has worst in class shutter lag, and poor macro min distance (factor of 10 time worse than most), there are also questions about it's focussing speed. ... and I have owned many Canon SLR's so a fan, but seems to rule out the GX-1

The Fuji X10 seems to have all the points fixed ... but no Fuji housing, (and Fuji confirm they will not release one) and a 3rd party housing will be too expensive for me ...own housings are about 50% cost of camera, whereas 3rd party can be x2 or x3 times the camera price.

I may end up opting for the Olympus XZ-1 ... good bright lens, excellent Macro, good own housing, reasonable size sensor .... a pity it's only 720p video but at least that matches broadcast TV quality - with perhaps a delay to see if the rumoured XZ-2 comes out in June.
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