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A dive I will never forget

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Postby douglasjhoffman » Mon May 17, 2010 2:25 pm

To this day, I remember leading a group of divers on a site called Mikes Point in Ambon Indonesia. Back in 1993 my wife and I worked at the Ambon Dive Center. On this particular day there were only two clients. Since they had some experience we decided to do two wall dives. The first was at a site called Mikes Point. About ten minutes into the dive, the divers found a pair of nudibranchs. I was a bit up current and happened to look into the blue. I was stunned to see more Hammerhead sharks than I could count. I signaled the divers but they were oblivious. So, I left them on the wall and ventured into the blue. I could not believe my eyes, as several large pelagic Mantas, and a pod of Dolphins joined the sharks. For what lasted only a few minutes these animals circled as if they were on some sort of mission and then just like that descended into the deep and disappeared. Back on the boat I asked the divers if they saw the sharks. Their reply was what sharks, we were watching nudibranchs lay eggs.

Please respond with tales of your experiences.....
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Postby scottg » Mon May 17, 2010 10:15 pm

That sounds really amazing Doug.

I wonder if those sharks are still around.

well I have a few dives I will never forget..

jumping into the "california sardine run" off a boat near my home here and watching dolphins feed on sardines, being one of the first people ever to see a seahorse underwater in california, and coming across a giant mola mola getting cleaned (in bali and also in southern california) while diving underwater are a few that quickly come to mind.. i'm sure there's more!

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