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Hello from Switzerland

Please introduce yourself here

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Postby rameus » Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:11 am

Hey guys

Just found this board today and thought I'll check it out.

A little something about me and underwater photography: I started with underwater photography back in 2006 after finishing my divemaster which I made on Utila in Honduras. Starting off with a small Sony I now own a Canon G10 with an Ikelite housing and an Ikelite DS-160 substrobe.

So far so good... most of the time I do take macro-pictures allthough I would really like to go to the bigger things (which is not too easy ;-)).

Besides that... not much more to add. If I want to go on a quick diving-holiday I normally choose the Red Sea since it's only 4-5 hours flight. Other than that I've been to Galápagos once last year and a few times to the caribbean (Utila).

If you are really interested in who I am you find all the informations and also underwater pictures on my website:

That's it for the moment. I'm looking forward to many interesting discussions and hope to find some help in case I'm having problems with my pictures underwater.

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