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Hello from Oz

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Postby Guitarfish » Sun May 13, 2012 3:30 pm

Hi folks

I'm mostly a holiday diver - couple of trips per year if I can. I'm a Brit now living in Melbourne (Australia).

I've visited the site many times in the past, so thanks to all for the great info. I use an Olympus C5050 in the Olympus housing with an Inon D180 strobe and the Inon UCL-165 wet macro lens.  It's served me well as a learning tool but after about 12 years I think it might be time to move on!

I finally progressed to shooting with manual settings a couple of years ago and am thinking that a micro 4/3 is probably the way to go for me. I've got a couple of specific questions which  I'll post in the relevant forums.

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