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Rare Slugs from Anilao

Not sure what your nudibranch is? Post it here for identification!

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Postby Kevin Lee » Wed May 26, 2010 2:59 pm

Wow, here's some photos, fresh off the press, taken by John Greenamyer, in Anilao. These images are still shots off John's videocam. Very nice, John! He was joined by Terry Gosliner, Alicia Hermosillo, Sandra Millen, Mike Miller, Jeffrey de Guzman and others at Club Ocellaris. Of course, Peri and Alexis (the two best slug finders in all of PI) contributed their unmatched slug radar skills to the mission. Report is that this was the absolute best branching session ever. In fact, Alicia found 371 slugs in 3 weeks :o and still had 3 days remaining (she's outdoing all the boys and diving 4~5 times a day)!!! Stellar performance gang! :lol: k;-)

PS: have guessed on the IDs... corrections and an ID on #3 are welcome...
Siphopteron tigrinum
Pg. 52, Indo-Pacific Slugs
(87.15 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
Baeolidia sp. 3
Page 406, Indo-Pacific Slugs
(81.19 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
(186.58 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
Kalinga ornata
Pg. 104, Indo-Pacific Slugs
(160.3 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
Kevin Lee

Postby scottg » Wed May 26, 2010 5:06 pm

thanks for posting these fine critters Kevin.

That Baeolidia species looks quite impressive.

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Postby Dave Behrens » Mon May 31, 2010 12:31 pm


2195 bothers me. New to me. We refer to these as dirty dorids because of their exteranl variation and difficulty to ID. Maybe we can get the Gosliner to weigh in on this one. I will check our book blog to see it it's on our new list.

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