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A little confused (zoom)

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Postby kick01 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:28 pm

I've been doing a little research because I am thinking about getting an SLR as I am expected my first child pretty soon. From what I have read about zoom.. a standard SLR lens is 18-55mm which is about 3x zoom. I currently have a Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS7) 12x zoom which says 25mm. So if I understand the logic correctly.. the focal length would be around 2.08mm for my point and shoot. I'm just trying to figure out if this is correct. So my point and shoot is 2-25mm which is why its considered 12x zoom which basically the max zoom is 12 times more than without zooming at all?

I'm trying to compare this to a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with 18/55mm..This would mean that the 18/55 lens is a 3x zoom.. Before today, I didn't realize that the x times zoom is pretty much pointless.. or so it seems. So if I understand correctly, the focal point is the first # which would be 18mm for the SLR and for my point and shoot it would be 2.08mm or so. I'm trying to determine what this really means.. I know I would need to get a 75/300mm lens if I wanted better zoom with the SLR but I need some help comparing the zoom on the point and shoot I have to the zoom on the basic lens for the SLR.

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