Dyron Announces New Products for Compact and DSLR Housings



Dyron New Products

The newly released underwater photography products from Dyron include:


  • Quick release mount for Fisheyes FJP90 on Recsea S90/S95 housings

  • Fisheyes 8mm for Recsea, Ikelite, and Patima

  • New Macro Lens UCL77 for Compact and DSLR housings

  • New Macro Adapter M77 for DSLR Housings including:

    • Seacam, Ikelite, Subal, and Hugyfot



Coming Next Month

  • Wide Angle Lens M52

  • Quick Release Mount for M67 lenses


**Find these products and more at Bluewater Photo, Dyron's North American Dealer**