DEMA 2012 Coverage - Day 2

Ikelite strobes, Aquatica housings, Sea & Sea and more...
By Todd Winner

DEMA 2012 Coverage - Day 2

Ikelite, Aquatica, Sea & Sea and more...

By Todd Winner



Ikelite Manta

Ikelite’s new Manta strobe with proprietary pre-flash technology. This strobe automatically adjusts to your camera’s model and exposure mode. This strobe will replace the AF-35 strobe, and will support a fiber optic cable, which the AF-35 does not. It is expected to come out in January of 2013.


Ikelite Vega

Ikelite’s new Vega LED video light with 2,000 lumens of light, 5000k temp and a 70 degree beam angle. It has a sealed battery. The retail price wil be around $475.

Ikelite’s new small Gamma dive light with 220 lumens. List price is $85.

New Ikelite Underwater Housings

Ikelite is also releasing housings for the Canon G15 ($650), Panasonic LX7 ($550), and the Nikon P7700 ($650), all with TTL capability.

New Ikelite DS-161 & DS-160 Lithium Battery - more flashes!

Starting in December 2012, the new Ikelite DS-161 comes with a new lithium battery, that will double the amount of flashes you can do on a single charge. This is very exciting and  a welcome change for these high-powered Ikelite strobes. The DS-161 will be $1,100 with the lithium battery pack and charger,the DS-160 will be $950 with the lithium battery pack and charger.


Ultralight arms – Hot shoe ball mount with a sleek new design as well as a new tiny video light from UK

Edge Wasp

The new Wasp video light from Edge is 200 watts and comes with a 160 and 90 degree faceplate. Available in 3500k or 6400k color temperature, List $2,495

Dive and Sea

Dive and See was showing their monitors and new prototype for the Ninja 2 monitor and hard disk recorder which records Pro Res files directly to the disk.

Aquatica D800 Housing

Aquatica was showing off their new Canon 5D-Mark III and Nikon D800 housings.


Sea & Sea underwater housings at DEMA

Sea & Sea's new Nikon D800 housing equipped with the 180 degree view finder

Sea & Sea Canon 5D mark III housing equipped with the 45 degree view finder

The Sea & Sea Canon T4i / 650D RDX housing is expected to be released in early December. The housing will be very similar to the well-priced Sea & Sea Canon T3i RDX housing, with just a few control changes.

Sea & Sea is also coming out with aluminum housings for the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D early next year (Jan or Feb 2013), and well-priced polycarbonate underwater housings for the Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera, and the Sony NEX-5R.

Leak detector

Sea & Sea leak detectors for the D800 and 5D Mark III housings should be coming soon, hopefully in early December.


Neptunic has a line of both loose fitting and tight fit fast drying rash guards that are great for sun / UV protection


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