DEMA 2012 Coverage Day 1

Cool stuff from Reefnet, Nauticam, Light & Motion, 10-bar and more.
By Todd Winner

DEMA 2012 Coverage - Day 1

Cool stuff from Reefnet, Light & Motion, 10-bar and more.

By Todd Winner


Dema Sign







New Light and Motion UV Nightsea Light

Sola Light

Light & Motion has come out with a new line of lights for fluorescence diving, which allow you to view, video or capture still images of fluorescence in marine organisms.  There are two products - the Sola Nightsea light, and the Nightsea X face plate for the Sola 4000 video light.  Both come with a flip down mask filter for fluoresce viewing and a yellow filter so you can use the lights as standard white lights. Retail price for the Sola Nightsea is $749.00, and for the Sola 4000 Nightsea X Face plate is $649.00. The Sola Nightsea light is shipping now!


More Reefnet fiber optic snoots


ReefNet was showing their Fiber Optic Micro Snoot.  The snoot mounts are available for most Inon, Sea & Sea and Ikelite strobes and can accommodate one or two arms. The flexible fiber optic snoot arms are made up of 150 highly polished fiber optic cables for maximum light transmission. New models include versions for the Sea & Sea YS-01, YS-D1 and YS-250. Retail price for the Fiber Optic Snoot is $300, and $160 for an additional arm.

Sola Nightsea

The Nightsea X Face plate replaces the existing front on your Sola 4000 video light.


New 10BAR housings - EOS-M, G1X, GX1

10 Bar

10 Bar has a new housing available for the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. Retail price is around $900.00 USD. They are also doing a housing for the Panasonic GX1, and the Canon G1X. 

Canon Blurb

Canon EOS ID C shoots video at 4K in a DSLR body! Very nice. We tested out the Nauticam housing for this camera and it was great - more details on that later.

Go Pros

GoPro has their new line of Hero 3 cameras - the white ($199), silver ($299), and black ($399) - with resolution up 4K and amazing frame rates.


Nauticam Optical Trigger


Nauticam Trigger

Nauticam has a ton of new products that we will be posting soon but one item that many of us have been waiting for is the hot shoe optical trigger.  This Nauticam optical trigger fits into the hot shoe of the camera, and puts out a small amont of light that a fiber optic cable can pick up.

Now owners of 5D Mark III, Canon 1Dx, and other camera bodies without a pop up flash have a way to trigger their strobes through fiber optic cables! We tested this with the Nauticam Canon 1DX housing, and we were getting 12 frames per second via fiber optics, wow. Not all housings will have room for this trigger, but many of the later model Nauticam housings will. You will not be able to do TTL via fiber optics with this optical trigger.


Continue on to DEMA Day 2 coverage - Ikelite manta strobe, lithium battery, Aquatica & Sea & Sea housings


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