Focusing in Low Light Underwater

Focusing in Low Light Underwater

Focusing on light-colored subjects that blend into the water can be difficult, especially in low-light. Your camera needs light and contrast to focus properly.


schooling barracuda

Barracuda can be very hard to focus on. Shooting wide angle can make it easier.


Here's some tips to help you in this situation:


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Understanding your underwater camera settings

Understanding your Underwater Camera Settings


I often see people asking about settings for their underwater camera. What settings for low light? What settings for wide-angle photography? Macro photography? Etc.


black and white underwater wreck photo

F5.6, 1/25th, ISO 250


People seem to like to memorize settings, and use them all the time. I can understand that, sometimes there's so many other things to worry about. Strobes, buoyancy, air, no deco time, finding subjects.


But I hope I can convince you to take a different route. Instead of memorizing settings, try to understand your settings. Then you can adjust to different scenarios.


Let's look at the big three, F-stops, Shutter speed, and ISO.

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