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Calling All Shark Photographers!

Travis Ball
Sharks in Focus 2013 - A photography competition aiming to change attidues about sharks through imagery.

Calling all shark photographers!

Sharks in Focus 2013 - A photography competition aiming to change attidues about sharks through imagery.







From their recent press release:

The Shark Trust has spent over 15 years raising public awareness about the issues facing sharks and challenging the common Jaws stereotype. After the huge success of previous competitions the Shark Trust will be launching their third shark photography competition, in association with Diver Magazine, on the 1st May.

Ali Hood, Director of Conservation, stated:

‘Shark photography features prominently in our work, as it’s a great way to engage the public and challenge people’s perceptions of sharks by showcasing and celebrating their diversity, as well as highlighting their vulnerability.’

Judging the images will be three renowned experts in the field of underwater photography - Alex Mustard, whose distinctive style has gained international recognition, Michael Aw, a multi-award winning nature photographer, and Andy Murch, a freelance photojournalist specialising in sharks and rays. Supporters will also have the opportunity to vote for their favourite image via Facebook to champion the public’s choice.

The winner of Sharks in Focus 2013 will win a bespoke package of activities based in the Southwest of England. This will include shark watching and snorkelling/diving with tour operator Charles Hood off the Cornish coast and a sleep-over with the sharks at Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium, amongst other exciting activities. The best shots will also make up the Shark Trust themed 2014 Diver Calendar. All entrants will gain the satisfaction of having contributed to shark conservation and will have their work widely appreciated and showcased through the activities of the Shark Trust.

The competition will run until the 28th August, so be sure to submit your entries in plenty of time. To find out more, or to enter the competition, visit www.sharktrust.org/competition.


The Shark Trust 

Established in 1997, the Shark Trust is the UK registered charity that works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.

The Trust is an effective and well respected advocate for sound shark management and protection; a founder member of the Shark Alliance; the Secretariat of the European Elasmobranch Association and a membership organisation, which provides a link between the public and the science community.

The Trust works through cross-sectoral collaboration and where possible works with governments and industry to attain sustainable goals.


Sharks in Focus 2013

Sharks in Focus 2013 is a Shark Trust photography competition, supported by Diver Magazine, that aims to change attitudes about sharks through imagery. The contest is open to everyone and images of all types of shark encounter are welcome. Entrants can submit their images to the following categories:

Shark! – The White Shark has become infamous, and even has its own theme tune.  However there are over 500 species of shark found worldwide, let’s celebrate them all!

Shark Personality – Sharks are known as formidable predators but they can also be playful, lazy, calm, shy and inquisitive…how do you see them?

Best of British – British waters are home to over 50 species of shark, skate and ray, including some of the fastest and rarest in the world – here’s your chance to help us showcase them.

Skates & Rays – These flat, cartilaginous fish are closely related to sharks, and with over 600 species worldwide, there are more than enough to choose from!

Human Encounters – This category provides an opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and sharks, whether positive or negative.


Diver Magazine - A diving magazine that covers every aspect of the sport, especially in the realms of gear testing and surveys, diving holiday destinations, and advances in technology and techniques. www.divernet.com.

Charles Hood – A Cornwall based tour operator, providing expeditions to encounter Blue Sharks and Basking Sharks. www.charleshood.com.

National Marine Aquarium - A registered charity committed to promoting a sympathetic understanding of the sea through programmes of education, conservation and research. www.national-aquarium.co.uk.


For more information and media interviews contact:

The Shark Trust on +44 (0) 1752 672020 / 07855 386083.


The Shark Trust

4 Creykes Court

The Millfields


Devon, UK





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MyShot Underwater Photo Contest 2013

Brent Durand
Free u/w Photo Contest Now Accepting Entries - Have you entered yet?

MyShot Underwater Photo Contest 2013

Enter Your u/w Photos for a Chance to Win Great Prizes!

By Brent Durand

May 1, 2013




The 2013 MyShot Underwater Photo Contest is now underway!  Hosted by ScubaPortal, this is a great photo contest for both compact and DSLR shooters.  Enter both wide-angle or macro photos.  Below are some highlights, but be sure to visit the contest page for full details.


Dates:  Enter now through October 31, 2013

Submission Cost:  FREE


  • Category A: "DSLR: MACRO"

  • Category B: "DSLR: WIDE ANGLE"

  • Category C: "COMPACT: MACRO"

  • Category D: "COMPACT: WIDE ANGLE"


Judging:  An esteemed panel of underwater photographers will judge the winning photos.  There will also be a fan-favorite category, so be sure to enlist your social media "entourage."

Prizes:  Many great prizes in all categories, including a change to have your image published on the cover of ScubaZone, the #1 Italian dive magazine.

Website:  Click Here for All the Details and to Enter


paolo isgro photo

Check out the MyShot 2012 Winners Here




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Nauticam Housing for Nikon D7100

Travis Ball
An In-depth look at Nauticam's New Housing for the D7100

Nauticam Announces D7100 Housing

The NA-D7100 is a shining example of one of the best housings on the market today.

By Travis Ball

April 29, 2013





Nauticam just added a new housing to its extensive catalog, this time for the Nikon D7100.  The NA-D7100 was modeled on the successful D7000 and D600 housings, and was built specifically for the newly released Nikon D7100.  Read more about Nauticam's new housing and details on lens support and supporting accessories.


Nauticam D7100 Press Release:


The NA-D7100 Housing

Nauticam pioneered numerous engineering breakthroughs in previous housings that now come standard on the NA-D7100. The patented housing Locking Latch System has received acclaim worldwide for its ease and functionality. These recessed latches are equipped with safety locks, reduce bulk and require minimal physical effort to engage and release. Port changes have never been simpler than utilizing the Patented Nauticam Locking Port Release. No wrestling, no twisting, no misalignment - just seat and lock. Lens changes are also easily accomplished without removing the camera from the housing using the lens release button logically accessed on the housing front. The lightweight, rugged Nauticam handles are generously contoured with a durable over-mold process of comfortable non-slip rubber. 


Key NA-D7100 Features:




Rugged housing body milled from solid aluminum

100m depth rating and built to last

Patented port locking lever

easy and safe port mounting, solidly locks port in place

Knobby command dials

can be operated even with thick gloves on

Patented housing locking latches

secure but easy to use

Rubberized handle grips

comfortable and placed for optimum access to controls

Lens release button

easy changeout of lenses without removing camera from housing

Drop in camera tray

no need to preset controls, just drop in and it is ready to go

Fiber optic ports

accurate flash exposure (TTL) with Inon/Sea&Sea strobes

Bulkhead for optional accessories

HDMI Monitor, sync cables, remote control, etc.

Viewfinder, 0.66x

Enhanced 180º and 45º viewfinders optional

Laser cut stainless steel handle brackets

for extra stability when using heavy lighting

Light mounting balls

2 handle mounted balls standard, mounting balls for housing optional

Tripod mounting points

important for macro video shooters

Control labeling

easy to find and understand control functions


Nauticam housings are the finest, most ergonomic, most usable camera housings on the market today, and the NA-D7100 is a shining example of that. Every control is well thoughtout, every button, lever and switch considered not in terms of what is easier for the designer, but what is right for the shooter. One example is the patent pending Multi Controller Pad that is located within easy reach of the right thumb. The device virtually recreates the Nikon multi selector on the back of the NA-D7100 housing allowing full multidirectional use of this powerful tool, and no other manufacturer has it. 


NA-D7100 Controls (advantages/usage underwater):

  • Sensitive two stage shutter release (easy to gauge half press; gives fine control over the shutter release)
  • AE-L AF-L Lever (strategically placed for easy thumb focus or thumb focus lock)
  • Front Command Dial directly under shutter release (change aperture effortlessly)
  • Rear Command Dial at top of housing (change shutter speed without removing hand from grips)
  • Multi Controller Pad controls the multi-selector (instantly change focus points, even diagonally)
  • Manual Zoom/Focus Knob (zoom/focus the lens without a reach
  • ISO Paddle at left thumb (ISO has become a key control, especially for video)
  • Flash popup (popup flash and control over flash compensation)
  • Flash down (instant switching between flash and ambient)
  • Playback button lever at left thumb (makes reviewing images easy)
  • Release mode dial (switch to continuous for fast shooting)
  • Info Button (easily accessed with right thumb to view camera settings on the main LCD)
  • Mode dial (switch from P to A to M modes easily)
  • Trash, Menu, WB/?, Qual/+, Info Push Buttons (all available easily with left thumb)
  • Movie/Still mode lever (accurately preview the 16x9 aspect ratio for movies)
  • Live view (flip to live view easily with the right thumb)
  • Start/stop video on thumb paddle (start video without inducing camera shake)
  • AF-M Lever (switch to manual focus for non manual focus override lenses)
  • Exposure compensation on right thumb lever (change exposure compensation quickly)
  • Metering mode (easily change to spot for manual blue water metering)
  • On/off (no need to preset camera)


The Nikon D7100 Camera

Nikon declares the D7100 to be the current  "DX format Flagship" and has designed the D7100 to take every advantage of the DX format. The D7100 is a major step up from the popular D7000, and should prove to be every bit as successful. The DX format is important for underwater shooters as it provides high quality/high performance shooting while being easier to shoot and less demanding in regard to lenses than full frame cameras. 

Per Nikon's D7100 Press Release: “Solidifying Nikon’s ongoing commitment to the DX-format D-SLR customer, the innovative D7100 provides new ways for photographers to capture their creative vision with incredible detail and precision, whether through still images or HD videos,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “The D7100 blends the best creative features with advanced-level functionality to give the enthusiast exactly what they want– and that’s a great shooting experience before, during and after capture, from shooting to sharing.”


Nikon D7100 Key Features (and notes for underwater shooters):

  • 24.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor (excellent resolution)
  • No optical low pass filter (even more resolution and sharpness)
  • Still shooting at 6 fps, 7fps at 1.3 crop mode (for when the pod of dolphins shows up)
  • ISO 100-25,600
  • Nikon F-Mount with focus motor (support for lenses like the Tokina 10-17mm)
  • 3.2" 1.2 mdot TFT-LCD (wide viewing angle, easy to see in bright sun)
  • 12 white balance presets 
  • Custom and "spot" white balance (spot white balance will make it easier to get accurate WB underwater)
  • 51 focus points, phase detect and contrast detect (faster, more accurate focus than D7000)
  • 2 SD/SDHC/SDXC slots
  • Built-in popup flash (can use fiber optic to get accurate TTL with Inon/Sea&Sea strobes)
  • Up to 1/320th second flash sync (great for shooting high contrast scenes like sun-balls)
  • Video with 1080p at 30fps, 1080i at 60fps, MPEG-4 or H.264 format (1080 30p, significant improvement over the D7000)


Lens Support

The quality of an image is only as good as the glass it was captured with, and Nauticam firmly belives that every lens that makes sense to be used underwater should be supported. Nauticam's lineup of ports, together with Zen Underwater dome ports is the most complete and extensive in the industry. Nauticam carefully evaluates new lenses, and is often first to market with support when a new lens is offered. Nauticam also provides the industry’s only locking extension rings in every size potentially required, thus preventing port slippage when using extension rings. Nauticam additionally offers a full range of port adapters allowing existing housing owners to use their current ports, reducing the cost of switching to a Nauticam housing. Port Adapters are available for Aquatica, Ikelite, Inon, Nexus M5 & M6, Sea & Sea NX, Seacam, Subal Version 3 & 4, and Zillion lens ports.


Examples of supported lenses for D7100:

  • Nikon 60mm macro 
  • Nikon 105VR macro 
  • Nikon 10-24mm
  • Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom
  • Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom with Kenko 1.4x TC
  • Sigma 17-70mm
  • Sigma 15mm fisheye
  • Nikon 10.5mm fisheye
  • Nikon 18-55mm
  • Nikon 24-85mm
  • Nikon 12-24mm
  • Nikon 16mm fisheye
  • Sigma 8-16mm
  • and more....



A high resolution camera like the Nikon D7100 demands perfect focus for optimal results. Fortunately, Nauticam has developed the most user-friendly interchangeable precision viewfinders in the world. The standard optical glass viewfinder is very goodand travel friendly, but many photographers prefer the ease of a magnified viewfinder with adjustable diopter. Nauticam produces a “straight” 180º enlarging viewfinder and a 45º angled enlarging viewfinder to enhance the ease of close quarters work often associated with macro shooting. Both viewfinders have high quality optics allow viewing of the entire image. A patented external dioptric adjustment allows personal adjustment to a sharp-as-a-tack standard underwater and viewfinder changes can be executed in less than 30 seconds without using tools. Exceptional composition and focus accuracy have never been more accessible.



Nauticam’s NA-DP4 housing for the Small HD DP4 Monitor can take video performance to another level by rendering the video image in a position more amenable to the shooter. The monitor housing easily mounts to the top of the NA-D7100 and utilizes the optional HDMI Bulkhead for true HDMI connectivity. Utilizing DP4 features like Focus Peaking, Focus Assist, False Color, 1:1 Mapping and more, this larger monitor vastly improves composition, focus capability and exposure.


Optional accessories available for the NA-D7100:

  • 180º Enhancing Viewfinder
  • 45º Enhanching Viewfinder
  • Complete line of ports for all major lenses
  • Locking port extension rings from 10mm to 70mm
  • Monitor Housing for SmallHD DP4 Monitor
  • Fiber optic cables for Inon and Sea&Sea
  • Full line of mounting accessories for lighting, including mount balls, strobe adapters, arms, clamps, and specialty items
  • Multiple styles of lanyards
  • Lens holders, including flip-up 
  • Focus and Zoom gears for many Nikon, Tokina, and Sigma lenses
  • Port Adapters for Aquatica, Ikelite, Inon, Nexus M5 & M6, Sea & Sea NX, Seacam, Subal Version 3 & 4, and Zillion
  • Handle accessories including smaller handles, handle extensions for cold water diving


The Bottom Line

The Nikon D7100 represents the highest resolving and most capable Nikon DX camera to date, and the Nauticam NA-D7100 is ready to take it to new depths with the most ergonomic, best designed housing in the world. Find out for yourself why so many people have made the switch to Nauticam. 



  • Depth Rating:  100m
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Dimensions (with handles mounted): 350mm x 190mm x 135mm


Model Number:  17211

USA Retail Price: $3200

Estimated Shipping Date: May 5, 2013

More information is available from Nauticam USA at:



About Nauticam USA:

Nauticam USA is the exclusive wholesale distributor of Nauticam products in the North American Market.  Nauticam USA’s warehouse and service center is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Our staff of underwater photography experts strives to provide the best customer support and after sale service available.  Dealer inquiries are welcome!


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New iPhone-5 underwater housings

Travis Ball
Watershot announces professional and consumer level iPhone5 housings, including one with a wide-angle lens

Two New Housings for your iPhone 5 from Watershot

Two tiers of underwater housings are now available
A regular and pro version

By Travis Ball, April 25th, 2013


It's a great day for divers, surfers, underwater photographers and any other iPhone 5 user looking to get their phone near the water without damage. Watershot Inc., the company behind the widely popular housings for the iPhone 4 series of devices, announced the release of two new housings for the iPhone 5.  

They are maintaining a line of entry-level housings with the MSRP for the consumer friendly housing priced at $109.  They are also introducing a new PRO model for $189.99, which can be used at a deeper depth rating and comes with two lenses, including a 110 degree angle of view wide-angle lens.  Read the press release below for more information.

Watershot  iPhone5 underwater housing highlights

  • Regular version retails for $109, rated to 130 feet

  • Pro version retails for $189, included a regular and wide-angle lens, rated to 195 feet


Watershot iPhone 5 Press Release:

In September of 2012, the company unveiled the housing for the iPhone 4 to superior reviews and social media success.  Designed specifically for the water sports market, the Watershot proved quickly to be the most durable and dependable solution for those seeking to venture into the surf and sea using their iPhone cameras.  The anticipated housing for the iPhone 5 was designed specifically with feedback from their stable of top photographers and videographers as well as avid water sports enthusiasts who prefer to leave their digital cameras at home.

As competition grows in the waterproof case market, Watershot has become the trusted source in the consumer market for those concerned about taking their iPhones into the water.  Most of customers’ trust is from the company history and water based resume.  Founder Steve Ogles began making splash and underwater camera housings over forty years ago and now focuses on producing motion picture camera housings and enclosures for product protection up to 30,000 feet under water.  “We treat our customers’ products, whether an iPhone or a extremely expensive specialty camera the same.  A person’s smart phone is an integral part of life, work and lifestyle.  Trust comes from track record, not from splashy marketing,” noted Ogles.

The Watershot housings are differentiated from the case market by functionality, design and flexibility.  The Watershot entry-level model for the 4 and 5 features a robust poly-carbonate shell, interior shock absorbers, glass lens and baffle for optical image clarity and a threaded lens bezel to add accessory lenses and filters.  A fourth conductive button was added to the new housing line to maximize extensive still and video camera features via a free app available on the App Store.   Both housings allow users to upload images and video directly to Facebook and Twitter while safely enclosed.  A battery lifesaver feature has also been added to the app.  The Watershot model for the iPhone 4 remains at a consumer friendly MSRP of $99.99 and the iPhone 5 housing MSRP is $109.99.

Image Courtesy of Watershot Inc.

The new Watershot PRO available for the iPhone 5 is designed for the person seeking more flexibility and professional options.   The housing comes with two large removable lenses – a flat port and wide angle. The wide-angle increases the field of view to 110 degrees.  The depth rating is 195 feet.  A removable colored grip allows the user to change colors or replace it with an upcoming Bluetooth® enabled grip designed for special features designed specifically for surfers and divers. The MSRP for the Watershot PRO is $189.99 and includes the two high quality glass lenses.

To learn more, log on to www.watershot.com or watch a iPhone 4 housing product review.

About Watershot Inc.®

Founded in 1995 by Steve Ogles, Watershot Inc. is located in San Diego, CA.  Trusted by the world’s best photographers, cinematographers and adventurers, Watershot Inc. designs and develops premium products used on, in and under water.  The diverse range of products and projects include DSLR dive and surf splash housings, freedive and surf rescue vests, iPod housings, dive lights and enclosures for underwater robotic exploration.  Camera housings built for use in the motion picture industry include the following theatrical releases: Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III, Into the Blue, Into the Wild, Terminator III and All Is Lost. 


Where to Buy

Get your iPhone 5 underwater housing or iPhone 5 Pro underwater housing from BWP.

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Fantasea Introduces Canon G15 Housing

Brent Durand
A First Look at Fantasea's New G15 Housing at a Special Price

Fantasea Introduces the FG15 Housing

A First Look at Fantasea's New Housing for the Canon G15

By Brent Durand  April 23rd, 2013



Fantasea FG15 underwater housing



Fantasea Line proudly announces the release of a new and stylish waterproof housing for the Canon PowerShot G15 camera.  The Canon G15 is a great compact camera choice and underwater photographers will find that the camera paired with the new FG15 housing is an affordable way to capture high-quality underwater images.

Below are some details from the Fantasea website.


FG15 Housing Feature Highlights

  • Depth rated to 60m/200 feet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Full access to all camera controls & functions
    with clearly marked controls
  • Shock resistant
  • Double O-ring seal
  • Special mount for lighting accessories
  • Removable double fiber optic cable connection
  • Removable flash diffuser
  • Easy and secure installation of camera
  • Removable anti-glare hood for the LCD screen
  • Optional leak detector for increased confidence
  • Dedicated video control button for easy video filming in any shooting mode
  • Compatible with a wide range of underwater
    photo accessories
  • Manufacturer's warranty included


Suggested US retail price:  $499.95



The new PowerShot G15 reaches new heights in speed, agility and creative possibilities. The G15 introduces full HD (1080p) video recording capabilities, super bright f/1.8 lens and high speed AF, which all result with ultra-fast performance and phenomenal image quality.

The FG15 Housing, specially designed for the Canon G15, meets the same high and professional standards of function, style and durability as previously found in popular and successful Fantasea F series Housings (FP7000 and FP7100). It is ergonomically designed, fully functional and features easy-to-use, clearly labeled controls. This shock resistant housing protects your G15 camera from damaging elements including water, sand, dust, snow, ice and pollutants.

The FG15 has been successfully depth tested to 80 meters (240 ft.) and is certified to a maximum depth of 60 meters (200 ft.), which is well beyond the 40 meter (130 ft.) dive limit of most compact housings.

The FG15 Housing is supported by a complete accessory line, including wide angle and macro lenses. Additional accessories include a variety of color correction filters and lighting sets, which enable photographers to further enhance the quality of their images and videos.


For more info, sample photos, video and more, visit Fantasea's website at:

Fantasea FG15 Housing



Fantasea FG15 underwater housing


Further Reading


Where to Buy

Fantasea FG15 Housing for Canon G15

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April News Roundup

Travis Ball
Shore and Explore in Bonaire, Free Underwater Photo Workshop with Wolfgang Polzer, Xray Magazine #54 Just Released, and more...

April News Roundup

Shore and Explore in Bonaire, Free Underwater Photo Workshop with Wolfgang Polzer, Xray Magazine #54 Just Released, and more... 

By Travis Ball










New Shore and Explore Package at the Divi Flamingo Beach in Bonaire

Want to explore Bonaire on your own?  Take a look at this new package that grants you access to a 4-passenger pickup rental, a deal on a seven-night stay and unlimited shore diving.  More information can be found here: http://www.diviresorts.com/bonaire-shore/

Free Underwater Photography Workshop with Wolfgang Polzer

Respected underwater photo journalist, book author, and double gold medallist at the CMAS World Championship of Underwater Photography will be running a free week-long underwater photography workshop at ECO Divers Resort Lembeh from Septembrer 28th to October 5th.  More information about Eco Divers resort in Lembeh can be found here: http://www.eco-divers.com/


Issue #54 of Xray Magazine is Now Out!

New articles on Cocos Island in Costa Rica, Lermontov Wreck in New Zealand, Ojamo Mine in Findland and more.  Read or download the new issue here: http://www.xray-mag.com/content/x-ray-mag-54


Other News:

Scubapro Waterman Photo Contest

Ikelite D7100 Housing Released

Worldwide Dive & Sail Announces Truk Lagoon Liveaboard

Call for Entries: San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition

Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available

Winning Photos from the Acqua 2013 UW Photo Contest

Fantasea Introduces $499 Housing for the Canon G15

Watershot Housing now out for iPhone 5


Further Reading


About the Author

Travis Ball is a travel blogger and underwater photographer who recently finished 30 straight months of travel. He believes everyone should enrich their lives with travel and all the experiences it has to offer. Hisphotography and writing can also be seen at his blog Flashpacker HQ. 




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Winners Announced! Acqua 2013 u/w Photo Contest

Brent Durand
See the Winning Underwater Images from Acqua 2013 photo contest, out of Italy

Winners Announced - Acqua 2013 Underwater Photo Contest

See the Winning Images from Acqua 2013!




H2O Photo Tribe has just announced the winners of the Acqua 2013 underwater photo competition.  Congratulations!  Per the contest rules, the photos are from the Mediterranean and Tropical dive locations, showcasing some amazing photographers, marine life and dive locations.

We've included the 1st place images in each category below, but you can see all the winners and their photos on the Acqua 2013 website.



Rome, 20 april 2013

Category 1 - Portfolio

Pos Surname Name Nationality
1 Zanni Mirko Swiss
2 Friedrich Tobias Germany
3 Perez Francis Spain
4 Roscigno Domenico Italy
5 Formis Pietro Italy
6 Acevedo Eduardo Spain
7 Fernandez Raimundo Spain
8 Donati Gabriele Italy
9 Gazzaroli Claudio Swiss
10 Cipriani Giordano Italy


Category 2 - DSLR -  Tropical Wide angle

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Montse Grillo Spain "Backlighting"
2 Schmolke Uwe Germany "Light and shadow"
3 Virgilio Gabriele italy "Mantas"
4 Borghi Filippo Italy "Al Pascolo"
5 Montse Grillo Spain "Synchronized Flight"
6 Formis Pietro italy "Loloata's Sunset"
7 Montse Grillo Spain "Mutual Timing"
8 Cherbas Tony USA "Up from the Underworld"
9 Davino Michele Italy "Croc swimming"
10 Borghi Filippo Italy “La Diavolessa”




Category 3 - DSLR -  Tropical Macro

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Morettin Adriano italy "David and Goliath"
2 Borghi Filippo Italy "Tra le branchie"
3 Tolstov Gleb israele "Squid Reflection"
4 Morettin Adriano italy "host on head"
5 Maccarelli Marco italy "In the dark"
6 Acevedo Eduardo Spain "Refleso"
7 Davino Michele Italy "In coppia"
8 Roscigno Domenico italy "Sornione"
9 Bausani Paolo italy "Golden eye"
10 Michele Davino Italy “Foglia Back”



Category 4 - DSLR -  Mediterranean Wide angle

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Borghi Filippo Italy "L'agguato"
2 Casanovas Felix Marc Spain "Zeus Faber"
3 Salvatori David Italy "Corallo nero alla secca di Atlantide"
4 Borghi Filippo Italy "L'orata"
5 Lipari Michele italy "Gamberi"
6 Visintin Francesco Italy "Senza titolo"
7 Friedrich Tobias Germany "The Cave"
8 Salvatori David Italy "Il benthos e gli astrospartus 1"
9 Bach Roland Germany "Roland 2"
10 Salvatori David Italy "Sopra e sotto punta sottile"



Category 5 - DSLR -  Mediterranean Macro

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Samaras Nicholas Greece "Alien Spaceship"
2 Borghi Filippo Italy "Janolus"
3 Samaras Nicholas Greece "Fly high and smile"
4 Morettin Adriano italy "Fairy snoot shrimp"
5 Borghi Filippo Italy "Hippus"
6 Davino Michele Italy "Bavosa"
7 Gargiulo Marco italy "San Pietro"
8 Maccarelli Marco italy "My little pony"
9 Roscigno Domenico italy "Simbiosi?"
10 Samaras Nicholas Greece "Camouflage"



Category 6 - DSLR -  Behavior

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Montse Grillo Spain "Blue kiss"
2 Friedrich Tobias Germany "Playful seal"
3 Montse Grillo Spain "Life Cycle"
4 Borghi Filippo Italy "Dal dentista"
5 Roscigno Domenico italy "La Danza"
6 Erta Roberto Italy "Slurp"
7 Cipriani Giordano Italy "Dolce Casa"
8 Varani Alex Italy "Anemone in love"
9 Acevedo Eduardo Spain "On the way"
10 Pulido Oliviero Giorgio italy "The sentinel"



Category 7 - Compact Camera - Tropical Wide angle

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Weimberg Dany Israele "Seahorse and Wreck"
2 Altomare Amedeo italy "Colorful Reef"
3 Commodore Marcus Canada "Living on the edge"
4 Weimberg Dany Israele "While you were diving"
5 Muratore Massimiliano italy "Allegria"
6 Gallucci Alberto italy "Jackfish"
7 Altomare Amedeo italy "Helena"
8 Commodore Marcus Canada "Big Gulp"
9 Commodore Marcus Canada "Rush hour"
10 Forti Luciano italy "Hops"



Category 8 - Compact Camera - Tropical Macro

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Commodore Marcus Canada "Climacaphobia"
2 Goodwin Bill USA "Tubed Shrimp"
3 Bambi Federica Italy "Il mio tappeto a pois"
4 Rossi Paolo italy "Son figli miei"
5 Giovannini Giacomo Italy "Lizard's head"
6 Pescarolo Andrea Italy "L'invisibile"
7 Rossi Paolo italy "Frog"
8 Forti Luciano italy "Edward - mano di forbici"
9 Muratore Massimiliano italy "Verso il blu"
10 Bambi Federica Italy “On the run”



Category 9 - Compact Camera - Mediterranean Wide angle

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Gallucci Alberto italy "Sciame di Anthias"
2 Torresan Patrick Italy "Elviscot"
3 Gallucci Alberto italy "Il giardino incantato"
4 Nuccio Stefano Italy "Incontrando octopus"
5 Forti Luciano italy "Riccioli d'oro"
6 Gallucci Alberto italy "Stella Gorgone e crinoidi"
7 Negrillo Sanchez Fancisco Javier Spain "Senza titolo"
8 Salzedo Virginia italy "Stella Gorgone"
9 Muratore Massimiliano italy "Cernia Vanitosa"
10 Gambirasi Martina italy "Giochi di luce"



Category 10 - Compact Camera - Mediterranean Macro

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Salzedo Virginia italy "Bijou"
2 Gallucci Alberto italy "Guardami negli occhi"
3 Altomare Amedeo italy "Blenny Hill"
4 Giovannini Giacomo Italy "Passeggero abusivo"
5 Altomare Amedeo italy "Jelly School"
6 Altomare Amedeo italy "Giardino Fiorito"
7 Reali Carlo italy "Di notte mi accendo"
8 D'ulisse Barbara Italy "Pensando al futuro"
9 Vailati Flavio Italy "Adamsia/Pagurus"
10 Gambirasi Martina Italy “Guardando l'aurora boreale”



Category 11 - Compact Camera - Behavior

Pos Surname Name Nationality Photo name
1 Weimberg Dany Israele "Tug of war"
2 Giovannini Giacomo Italy "Mama"
3 Pulido Oliviero Giorgio italy "The sentinel"
4 Gambirasi Martina italy "La cena"
5 Bambi Federica Italy "Anemoni in accoppiamento"
6 Gallucci Alberto italy "Dal dentista"
7 Muratore Massimiliano italy "Pulizia orale"
8 Pracchi Marta italy "The winner takes it all"
9 Giorgetta Massimo italy "Viaggiare insieme"
10 Rossi Paolo italy "Il Cannibale"


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners!  To view all the winning photos, please visit:

Acqua 2013 Website - Full List of Winners & Photos



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Lightroom 5 Beta is Now Available

Brent Durand
Learn About Great NEW Features for Lightroom 5 Beta!

Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!

Learn what Adobe has Improved for Lightroom 5

By Brent Durand


Adobe Lightroom 5



Adobe Lightroom is arguably the best tool for underwater photographers to edit, organize and catalog their photos.  Lightroom has been essential in my photography workflow and version 5 promises to enhance the editing power of the software.  If you're not yet a user of Lightroom, check out our article on Why You Should be Using Lightroom.

Lightroom 5 Beta is now available, meaning that you can begin using the software for free.  If you're a new Lightroom user, great, but if you're planning to test Lightroom 5 Beta, here are a few notes:

  • As with any Beta program, all the "kinks" haven't been worked out.  Back up your images and catalog.
  • Lightroom 5 Beta will build a new catalog for your images.  This means that you will not be able to upgrade your current catalog, and will need to import images directly into Lightroom 5 Beta.  Once Lightroom 5 is fully released these catalogs will be transferable.
  • Lightroom 5 Beta will expire once the finished Lightroom 5 is available, so you'll need to purchase the upgrade or keep your current version.


So what's new in Lightroom 5 Beta?  Here's a quick summary:


Advanced Healing Brush

This tool is much more robust for Lightroom 5.  Underwater Photographers can now adjust the size of the brush and move it in precise paths.



A new tool great for seascapes, landscapes and any other photos with a horizon or other verticle/horizontal lines.  Upright will quickly straighten images - the first edit for any photos of this sort.


Radial Filter

The radial gradient tool in Lightroom 5 is designed to help bring focus on the subject of an image.  Good composition requires the right depth of field and elimination of a distracting background to accentuate a subject (among other things), but sometimes this isn't enough.  This new tool allows photographers to create off-center vignette effects or multiple vignette areas in a single photo - great for underwater photography.


Smart Previews

Lightoom users (and especially traveling underwater photographers) know that carrying your full catalog and library of images slows down image editing while on-the-go.  New Smart Previews allows photographers to easily work with images without bringing their entire library with them.


There are many more updates in Lightroom 5 Beta, detailed at Adobe's blog.


Click here to read more about Lightroom 5 Beta and to DOWNLOAD.


Learn Lightroom for Underwater Photographers

Our partner, Bluewater Photo, offers great classes on using Adobe Lightroom every month in Santa Monica, CA.  Learn more HERE.


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Last chance to enter NCUPS SEA underwater photo competition

Scott Gietler
Deadline for the NCUPS SEA underwater photo contest is April 12th

NCUPS SEA underater photo competition

Deadline is April 12th, 2013

Great prizes from Nai'a, Bilikiki, Marco Vincent and more

By Scott Gietler April 11th, 2013




NCUPS has been running great underwater photo contests for quite a while, with lots of great prizes, and a special category for images taken underwater in California. Here are all the details:



  • Lots of great prizes (see partial list below)

  • No pros or underwater photo trip leaders can enter (this is good for everyone else!)

  • Deadline is end of day Friday, April 12th

NCUPS SEA winning image
"Grand prize" winner from the previous SEA contest


NCUPS SEA Categories



Marine conservation

California Underwater


Video - classis

Video - snapshot



NCUPS SEA underwater photo competition deadline



Here is a partial list of prizes to be distributed to the winners of the SEA 2013 competition:

  • Nai’a Cruise – 7-day cruise for one (1) person in Fiji.
  • Discovery Fleet – 8 day cruise & dive package for one (1) person with companion 50%, Philippines, Northern Route.
  • MV Bilikiki – 7-night cruise for one (1) to the Solomon Islands.

  • Tawali Resort, Papua New Guinea – 7-night all inclusive for one (1) person.
  • KBR – Tasik Ria Resort & Spa Pkg – 10-nights for one (1) person, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Banca Diving – 10 day trip for one (1) to the Philippines. Companion for 50% off.
  • MY Vasco – 7 day cruise for one (1) to Tubbataha 2014 season, companion 50% off.

  • Sam’s Tours Palau – 5-days diving only, for one person with 1-day of UW Photo or Video class.
  • Marco Vincent Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines, 5-nights with breakfast and 8 boat dives for one person. Island Cruise & Adventures

  • Kosrae Village Ecolodge & Resort – 5-nights for one person with 3-days of diving or island exploration, Kosrae Island, Micronesia

Call for Entries: San Diego u/w Film Exhibition

Brent Durand
Check out the Awesome Poster for the 13th Annual SDUFEX Competition!

Call for Entries: San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition

SDUFEX is Now Accepting Underwater Video Entries for 2013 Contest!

By Brent Durand


SDUFEX Undersea Video Contest



The San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX) is now accepting entries for their 2013 video contest.  The contest has been a great success since 2000, becoming one of the most prestigious underwater film festivals in the world.  Some highlights are below:



- $0 Entry Fee

- Entry deadline: July 15, 2013

- Distinguished panel of independent judges

- Winners will have videos played in front of 500+ audience at Qualcomm Hall in HD!

- Learn more at www.sdufex.com





This is your opportunity to see your work projected in a High Definition format in a state of the art venue on a 30 ft. screen! An independent panel of distinguished judges will select the approximately 30 films to be shown during the two night event. There is no entry fee! If your film is selected you are encouraged to come to the show and introduce it in person on the night of the exhibition. You may enter up to two films.

Here are the Entry Guidelines and Rules:

• Submission must be postmarked no later than July 15th, 2013. Submissions will not be returned, so do not send originals.

• We are accepting video files in the following format:

Please submit your video as a high resolution H.264 file that has been archived (copied) to a data DVD disk.  (Note: this is NOT a self-playing DVD!  This is NOT a Blu-Ray Disk!  This is NOT an HD-DVD Disk!)  

For additional information, please download PDF of 2013 Entry Rules.

• Blank Video Lead-In: Record or add a one (1) second black lead-in at the beginning of your video.

• Marking:  Each DVD must be marked with the filmmaker’s name and the name of the film.

• No film can be longer than five minutes, and at least 50% of the footage must be underwater.

• Please ensure that you have the rights to use all visual footage, images, audio, and music contained in your film.

• Filmmakers are limited to 2 submissions per filmmaker.

• We will not be able to return any submissions to entrants.

• Please include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, film’s name and length, and a brief bio with your submission using the Filmmaker Entry Form below.  Please use one form per entry.

• Judges selecting the films to be included in the two evenings' programs will not be permitted to submit film(s) for consideration.


For detailed instructions and entry forms, go to www.sdufex.com and click on "Call for Entries."



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