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March News Roundup - 2 new Canon dSLRs!

Travis Ball
New Housings, new camera bodies, exciting new humpback sightings, win for sharks, NCUPS contest and more.

March News Roundup

New Housings from Sea & Sea, Hugyfot and Ikelite, new camera bodies from Canon, humpbacks, sharks, contests and more. 

By Travis Ball










New Housings Announced for the Nikon D600 

Sea&Sea's newly announced MDX-D600 housing is now available.  This is another reliable Sea&Sea housing, featuring a more compact and lighter weight design than its MDX predecessors.  Check out the full press release here


Hugyfot also just announced their housing for the D600, the HFN-D600.  Another solid addition to the Hugyfot lineup, the HFN-D600 allows easy access to all the camera controls with Hugyfot's stylish design and HugyCheck (vacuum check) feature.




CanonCanon Announces Two New Camera Bodies

On Thursday, Canon announced the EOS Rebel T5i. The new camera has a few upgrades on the T4i, including a new mode dial, body finish and new 18-55 STM kit lens.

Canon has also announced the EOS SL1, the world's smallest and lightest DSLR camera.  The camera features a thinner 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and Canon's Digic 5 processor, but in a body more similar in size to mirrorless competitors.  This is great news for those who have an EF-S lens collection but are looking for a small camera body.



Ikelite XZ-2Ikelite Announces New Housings

This last month Ikelite announced two new housings, one for the Olympus XZ-2 and the SLR-DC for the Sony A57 and A65 SLT cameras.  These are two great housings for compact (XZ-2) and DSLR (A57, A65) shooters, backed by Ikelite's stellar customer service.



Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest 2013

This free contest is "the largest, the longest, the most prestigious photo contest in the world" according to Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.  With cash prizes worth over $200,000 US, this is certainly a very large contest, and one you should enter if you'll be diving in Indonesia anytime this year through November.  More information can be found here.


Humpback Whales Spotted in Saba

There's been an increase in recent sightings of multiple whales, mothers with calves and orcas in February and March of 2013 throughout Saba, St. Maarten and St. Barths.  Everyone is asking if the Humpbacks will begin to reclaim abandoned calving grounds now that the population is increasing.  Seasaba has a great article here.


NCUPS 48th Annual International Underwater Photo & Video Competition

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society is accepting entries for the 2013 SEA contest through April 12th, 2013.  With 7 categories and the deadline rapidly approaching, now is the time to get submit your images.  Check out the contest details at the SEA International Photo Competition website.



Big Win for Sharks and Mantas at CITES

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (or CITES) passed a two-thirds vote adding five species of shark (porbeagle, oceanic whitetip and three species of hammerhead) and two species of manta ray to the list of protected species.  While this doens't guarantee protection, it does mean trade will be closely monitored in these species and is a necessary first step in the basis of full protection.  More information can be found here.


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Light & Motion Ultraviolet NightSea Flip Filter for GoPro Hero3

Scott Gietler
New UV flip-filter for the GoPro Hero3 announced. Very cool!

New Ultraviolet NightSea Flip Filter for GoPro Hero3

Light & Motion announced the NightSea Flip3 Filter

By Scott Gietler


What: A very cool flip-filter for your GoPro

What it does: Allows you to do ultraviolet light underwater video

When: Available now 

How Much: $99

What else is needed: Sola Nightsea Light, or another UV light





How cool is this? A flip ultraviolet light filter for you GoPro hero3. When used a UV light like the Sola NightSea, you can take amazing UV underwater video. The filter is available here.

nightsea gopro filter for ultraviolet underwater video

light and motion flip UV filter for gopro hero3


Photo taken with an ultraviolet light


Official NightSea Flip Filter for GoPro Press Release:

Capture fluorescent underwater footage on your GoPro Hero3 using Light & Motion’s new Nightsea Flip3 filter. Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, the robust Nightsea Flip3 filter is a quick simple installation process, that when used in conjunction with your Sola Nightsea blue dive light, gives you the opportunity to bring home astounding fluorescent underwater video and photos that will amaze and impress your friends and family. 
With the quick, simple one-screw installation process, you will be filming fluorescent coral and fish in minutes. Push open the yellow filter to take regular video and then easily flip it closed again to make the creatures around you fluoresceonce again.  It is that simple!

The Nightsea Flip3 filter is only effective when used with the Sola Nightsea, a blue LED light emitter.

“The Sola NIGHTSEA,is the most advanced tool for fluorescence diving on the market. This is not a white light with a blue filter. The Sola NIGHTSEA takes full advantage of the high output efficiency of LEDs by using blue LEDs coupled with NIGHTSEA’s proprietary interference filter that fine tunes the output for maximum viewing effect,” says Dr. Charles Mazel, President of Nightsea, LLC, and principal research scientist who pioneers the study of fluorescence as well as the specialized equipment needed to do so.

The Sola Nightsea ships standard with a convenient hands-free wrist mount that is easily removed to substitute a ball mount, a locline video mount, or a pistol grip. This light also shipsstandard with a remote phosphor cap that turns blue light to white – perfect for orienting yourself, reading your gauges, or just seeing what exactly it is that is fluorescing.  It is a whole different world down there when you use your blue LED light! Be the first of your dive group to experience it. 


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SEA&SEA Announces MDX-D600 Housing

Brent Durand
SEA&SEA Announces the Availability of the New MDX-D600 Housing

SEA&SEA Announces MDX-D600 Housing

SEA&SEA's New MDX-D600 Underwater Housing is Now Available

By Brent Durand




SEA&SEA has a long history of making great, reliable housings and we're excited for the MDX-D600.  The Nikon D600 is the perfect camera for underwater photographers who want an FX sensor without the extra megapixels and cost of the Nikon D800.  Read our D800 review here.



SEA&SEA MDX-D600 Underwater Housing Highlights

  • More compact & lighter weight design than its MDX predecessors; possibly the smallest, lightest D600 housing on the market
  • Compatible with both the Sea & Sea 180 and 45 degree prism viewfinders
  • Built-in leak sensor
  • Depth rated to 100m/330ft
  • 2 fiber-optic cable ports, sync cord bulkhead is optional
  • Great port locking system
  • Solid handles
  • Cold shoe mount on the top of the housing


Nikon D600 highlights

  • Full-frame sensor, 24 megapixels
  • Great high ISO performance and great dynamic range
  • On sale in the USA for $1,999, great price point for a full-frame


Sea & Sea D600 housing PRESS RELEASE:

SEA&SEA is pleased to announce the availability of its latest dSLR housing for the underwater market, the MDX-D600.

The Nikon D600 FX-format camera features 24.3mp full-frame images, high-quality full HD 1080p video at 30fps, 5.5fps continuous shooting, super fast framing and focus with a 39-point AF system, low-light performance with ISO 100-6400 and more.  The D600 HD-SLR is optimized for full-frame shooting and is compact and lightweight for ease of travel and packability, ideal for underwater photographers.

The MDX-D600 is feature-rich and precision engineered just as its MDX predecessors, but in a more compact and lighter weight design. The MDX-D600 allows for operation of the D600’s essential controls and built-in flash while underwater.  "Having taken my first look at the new SEA&SEA MDX-D600 housing, it is patently obvious that they (SEA&SEA) continue to provide underwater photographers with the superb craftsmanship and efficiency in design that has been the hallmark of this brand since the 1970's,” said underwater photographer Andrew Sallmon, of Andrew Sallmon Marine Photography.

The housing is compatible with both the VF180 and VF45 prism viewfinders (offering 1.2x magnification), is depth rated to 100m/330ft, comes standard with a built-in leak sensor, and is equipped with two fiber-optic cable ports. There are also two bulkheads available:  the first to accept a YS Converter or manual wiring harness;  and the second for an optional HDMI output for an external HD monitor.

The MDX-D600 is compatible with SEA&SEA’s NX series ports, digital strobes such as the YS-01, YS-02, YS-110α, YS-D1 and YS-250Pro, and many SEA&SEA SLR accessories.

The MDX-D600 (#SS-06165) has an MSRP of $3,399.00.  It is also offered as a package with a manual (2-pin) wiring harness (#SS-06165A) at $3,499.00.

Dealers are urged to contact your Regional Sales Representative or SEA&SEA customer service at 800-482-2282 to place an order.

Be sure to visit SEA&SEA’s website and Facebook page for the latest updates and events along with product videos and more on YouTube!

About SEA&SEA:  Founded in 1972, SEA&SEA is the leader in underwater imaging technology.  The company offers a complete line of digital imaging products ranging from compact point and shoot cameras to professional housings, strobes, and accessories. SEA&SEA products are distributed in the United States by TUSA, tusa.com.


About the Author

Brent Durand is an avid California beach diver, underwater photographer and editor with the Underwater Photography Guide. You can follow UWPG on Facebook, and also read Brent's article on Top 10 tips for fun beach diving.


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February News Roundup

Travis Ball
Tons of new Nauticam announcements, Mike Ball adds special expeditions and sharks gain ground around the world.

February News Roundup

Highlights include new housings from Aquatica, Ikelite and Nauticam.

By Travis Ball










Nauticam NEX-6 announced, shipping soon

The first mirrorless housing Nauticam has announced for this year is for the Sony Alpha NEX-6 camera, which housings starting to ship out later this week. The camera's sensor size, images quality and resolution are all on par with DSLRs and when one in an aluminum Nauticam housing, you have an extremely powerful tool to use underwater. They also announced ports for the NEX 10-18mm and 16-50mm ports.  Read the press release.


Nauticam G15 announced

The impressive Canon G15 will soon have an equally impressive housing that will take the camera underwater.  Who wouldn't want to take down a compact camera that shoots RAW and uses high quality zoom lenses?  Read all about the housing.




Aquatica D4 HousingAquatica D4 announced

Aquatica has announced their new housing for the powerhouse that is the Nikon D4 camera.  Features include:


-Toggle access to Fn and Pv buttons
-Smooth operation of all video controls
-New lens gear system for improved video zooming
-New camera tray works with a simple push tab
-New left-hand quick lever for ISO access-Strobe connectors easily replaced in the field
-Unparalleled durability and corrosion protection


Zen 6-inch glass dome port for Nauticam NEX housings announced

New for the Nauticam NEX series housings, this is a 6-inch glass dome for the 16mm pancake or fisheye conversion lens.  These will provide excellent optical quality and a scratch resistant surface to your kit.





Ikelite D5200 HousingIkelite Announces Housing for Nikon D5200

Available in early March for about $1,500, Ikelite might be the only company to make housings for the D5200.  Rubberized handles, propriety circuitry and their signature clear housing will all be attractive aspects of this housing D5200 owners.  Read more.




Lithium BatteryNew Lithium Batteries from Ikelite

Ikelite strobes got a boost last month with an decrease of nearly 20 percent in weight while nearly doubling the number of flashes you get per charge.  These backwards compatable battries also work with the newly released smart charger.  Read more.





Minke WhaleSpecial New Expeditions Announced by Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Specializing in the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, Mike ball just added some special new trips to their roster.  Newly announced expeditions include:


  • Shark Shooter Expedition with Damien Siviero, May 9th - 16th
  • Week Long Minke Whale Expedition, July 11th - 18th
  • Far North Wreck Special Expedition, October 3rd - 10th
  • Torres Strait to Cairns Expedition, October 10th - 17th
  • Deep Reefs Exploratory Expedition, November 21st - 28th 

Detailed information can be found on the Mike Ball Website.

Walindi ResortWalindi Resort Becomes Technical Diver Training Center

Walindi Plantation Dive Resort has partnered wiht Alp-Maritimes Marine Institute and been granted the status of NAUI Worldwide Technical Diver Training Center. Congratulations!



SharkSharks Gain Ground

It was a good month for Shark species with multiple news items proving that the world is starting to protect these misunderstood animals.  The first Great White case and conviction took place in South Africa, which was also the first country to impose legislation protecting great whites. In the area of protection, California moved to add sharks to the endangered species list and the protections incorporated at the Raja Ampat shark sanctuary became law in Indonesia.


About the Author

Travis Ball is a travel blogger and underwater photographer who recently finished 30 straight months of travel. He believes everyone should enrich their lives with travel and all the experiences it has to offer. His photography and writing can also be seen at his blog Flashpacker HQ. 






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Acqua 2013 - Underwater Art Competition

Brent Durand
Acqua 2013 Underwater Art Competition by H2O Photo Tribe - call for entries

Acqua 2013 - Underwater Art Competition



By Brent Durand




The Acqua 2013 Underwater Art competition is a new underwater photo competition with some great prizes. There are categories specifically for Mediterranean Sea underwater photos, and the deadline to enter is in 6 days. Entry fee is 10 Euro ($13) per photo. Contest details are here.


Here is the official press release:

A new international underwater photo contest organized and founded by H2ophototribe, the Italian underwater photography comunity, designed for photographers of all levels with 14 categories (11 for photography divided between Digital SRL and compact camera and 3 for book and publications).

The objectives of the organizers is to create a major new photography competition, involving many authors from all around the world and to be able to associate it with an new dive show.The awarding ceremony will take place in connection with SCUBASHOW 2013 on Saturday, April 20th 2013 in Rome where pictures will be displayed in order to show the beauty of the most remote places of underwater worlds.

Thanks to close cooperation between "H2O Viaggi" tour operator and many of the most important dive resort in the world, many dive travel packages, live aboards and underwater photo equipment will be up for grabs; the most prestigious award consists of a 3 weeks stay in papua new guinea (1 week at Loloata Island Resort, 1 week at Walindi Plantation Resort and 1 week at Lissenung Island Resort) including two dives per day and flights from Singapore.  This fantastic trip will be awarded to the winner of the digital SRL Porfolio (5 photos) category.

For an updated list of awards please click here:  LIST OF AWARDS

Full entry details and rules are on the contest website here :  H2OPhotoTribe

The deadline for entries is 10 March, 2013.




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December News Roundup

Travis Ball
A roundup of underwater photography news from December

December News Roundup

New items from Dyron, Hugyfot, Nauticam, Recsea, Sealife, Polar Filters and more! Plus dive resort news...

By Travis Ball

Man reading Newspaper








Nauticam Releasing New Housings

Nauticam will be releasing housings soon for the Panasonic GH3 micro-four thirds camera, Canon EOS M mirrorless camera, Canon 6D full-frame camera, and the Canon G15. 




Hugyfot puts out new housing for GoPro Hero 3                                     


hugyfor gopro hero3 housing

Hugyfot, the high-end housing company from Belgium has just announced their new GoPro housing.    This new all aliminum housing allows for the attachment of an external monitor, great for people who choose to mount their GoPro on the end of a pole cam.    This allows you to see what you are shooting from up to 3meters away while underwater.  Another unique feature is the new Hugyfot battery that can allow the camera to run with an lcd attachment for up to 6 hrs.   This is a major improvement on the existing battery that dies within an hour while using and LCD bacpac.  The external battery is also a great tool for those who like to do very long duration time lapses.   The housing is supposed to be retailing in the $650 range.


Dyron has new items 

Dyron has a couple cool new items, the first being a new set of filters designed to snap right on your GoPro Hero3. These filters are high quality Red, Orange and Violet and can be purchased individually or as a set.

Secondly they also released a priority filter fo the Recsea RX100 camera which screws directly onto the RX100 port.

Last, they have a new wide angle lens for compact cameras. This new "super wide angle" lens ends up being the equivalent of a 13mm lens on a compact camera. It features a rotating and removeable shade, gives a field of view of 140 degrees and is great for over / under shots.


Reefnet Announces Threaded Diopters

Reefnet is coming out with threaded +5 & +10 subsee diopters so filters or other diopters can be added to front of the lens




New Sea & Sea MDX-D600 Housing for the Nikon D600

Available around Jan 28th. Includes 2 fiber optic mounts, leak detector. Price will be $3200. Sync cord for $100 more. Part # SS-06165, SS-06165A with sync cord.




Polar Pro Releases "Cube" Filters

polar pro cube filter hero3

Our friends over at Polar Pro have just announced that the new Hero3 "snap on" filters will start shipping next week!   Polar Pro filters produce some of the best results we have seen in a filter for the GoPro cameras.   They have tested many colors before selecting their current line which allows for excellent light transfer.   They will have a red filter(tropical/blue water), magenta(green water), and a polarizing filter to be used when shooting on the slopes or in direct sunlight.  Stay tuned for a full review on these filters in the near future.   They retail for only 29.99 and are made out of an almost indestructible acrylic.  


Nightsea X Front Plate for Sola 4000 from Light and Motion

light and motion nightsea x front plate

Already own a Sola 4000 Video Light?   You can convert it to a blue flourescent light by adding a Nightsea X Front Plate.    You simply attach the X Plate to your Sola 4000 and poof you have yourself an instant 4000 lumen blue flourescent  light.  You can easily switch the face plates in the same way that you remove the light for air travel.  Nightsea X Front Plate Retails for just $699.00


Dive Resort & Liveaboard News


Palau Dive Adventures Completes First Trip

Despite the fact that Palau was still recovering from Typhoon Bopha, Palau Dive Adventures, located at the Sea Passion Resort in Palau, successfully completed their first dive trip at the end of December.  Congratulations!



Seafari International Expands to Turks & Caicos Islands

Seafari is investing in new equipment, a Nitrox membrane and new excursions to West Caicos and French Cay, all in an effort to bring a new level of diving services to the region.  A photo workshop with Kimmo Hagman is being planned for April 2013




Sunset House Photofest in May

From May 11th to May 18th, 2013, Cathy Church will be hosting a Photo Fest at the Sunset House in Grand Cayman.  Separate photo contests for every level and classes with Cathy and her staff.  For more information, visit the Sunset House event page.  It's all about bottom time on sites that are pretty, interesting, fun and photogenic.




Underwater Workshop at Yap Pacific Dive Resort

Yap Pacific Dive Resort is hosting a "Creative Big Fish" workshop for intermediate to advanced photographers.  The objective of this event, running from April 30 - May 7, 2013, is to "develop a creative, individual style of Underwater Photography that will attract (an) audience."  Click here for more information.



New Products out now:

  • Nauticam Nikon D600 housing

  • Nauticam Canon S110 housing

  • Nauticam Sony NEX-5R housing - with 2 control dials!

  • Olympus housing for the Olympus E-PL5 - fits the Olympus 60mm lens!

  • Recsea Canon G15 housing

  • Recsea Canon S110 housing

  • Ikelite Canon 6D housing

  • Sealife AquaPod - could be a great polecam

  • Zen 100mm dome port for the Canon 8-15mm fisheye with removeable shade

  • Sea & Sea leak detector for dSLR housings


About the Author

Travis Ball is a travel blogger and underwater photographer who recently finished 30 straight months of travel. He believes everyone should enrich their lives with travel and all the experiences it has to offer. Hisphotography and writing can also be seen at his blog Flashpacker HQ. 




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Surprising Winner of DPReview Camera Poll for 2012

Travis Ball
DPReview.com best camera of 2012 reader poll finishes with unexpected win.

DPReview Best Camera of 2012 reader poll winners

DPReview.com reader poll finishes with unexpected win

By Travis Ball


Olympus OM-D EM-5



During the last 10 days of 2012, leading camera review site Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com) ran a poll asking readers to choose the best camera of 2012 from a list of 14.  With a number of heavyweights on the list, the surprising winner wasn’t a dSLR, but the mirrorless power house that is the Olympus OM-D EM-5.


Here are top three winners as of of 10:30am PST



Olympus OM-D EM-5


3457 votes


Nikon D800/E


3273 votes


Canon EOS 5D Mark III


2133 votes


To see the latest poll results, visit DpReview poll results

This wasn’t really a surprise to the Underwater Photography Guide staff, or to Bluewater Photo’s store manager Kelli Dickinson who has been shooting with the OM-D E-M5 since its release.  According to Kelli, "In the category of mirrorless cameras, the OM-D EM-5 has more dSLR-like controls, much more customization available through the menu system, and a really high quality 5-axis image stabilization system. The sensor is awesome, comparable to many current dSLR sensors."

We've seen many underwater photographers who have previosly enjoyed the live view of older Olympus dSLRs move into the Olympus OM-D, along with compact shooters who want to use a top of the line camera underwater without the bulk of a dSLR.

Seeing as how the cameras that took 2nd through 4th place are all DSLRs, the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is a steal at less than half the price when you consider the lens systems you’ll be adding to the respective bodies.  Toss in the Nauticam OM-D underwater housing and it’s clear to see that the OM-D is a bargain for the budget-conscious, intermediate or advanced underwater photographer looking at what kind of new system to purchase.

The excellent Nikon D800 is in second place, not surprising since this full-frame body has great ergonomics, a stunning 36-megapixel sensor and amazing auto-focus.


About the Author


A photographer for 12 years, Travis Ball is a travel blogger and underwater photographer who recently finished 30 straight months of travel.  He believes everyone should enrich their lives with travel, adventure, and new experiences.  His photography and writing can also be seen at his blog FlashpackerHQ.com



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November News Roundup

Travis Ball
A roundup of underwater photography news from November


November Equipment News Roundup

by Travis Ball

Man reading newspaper










Best of ShowLAUPS international photo contest winners announced

The Los Angeles Underwater Photography Society announced the winners of their 2012 International Photo Contest.  With over 500 entries from over 20 countries, the 50th annual (that's right, 50 years) photo competition was a huge success.  Check out the winners of all 9 categories on the LAUPS website.


IWUPC Logo Indonesia photo  contest, $200,000 in prizes!

One of the biggest announcements made at DEMA this year was the announcement of the  IWUPC 2013, or Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest. Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia, this contest is being touted as "the largest, the longest and the most prestigious contest in the world".

For full details on the contest, read all about it here.

Nauticam 1DX HousingNauticam Canon 1DX housing announced

Natuicam has announced the NA-1DX, their new housing for the Canon 1DX and 1DC.  With their easy and secure latching system, port locking lever system and superb interchangable view finders, Nauitcam has stayed true to their focus on erganomics and exceptional design.


Nauticam Sony NEX-5R housing coming soon

The NEX-5R housing from Nauticam is basically the same as the NEX-5n housing. Same small size, that fits the camera perfectly, with tilted LCD inside the housing for the best angle of view. Nauticam includes a dial to match the new control dial on the camera, and of course all camera controls are accessible. Buy the Nauticam Sony NEX-5R housing now.


Sea and Sea T4i HousingSea & Sea RDX-650D, T4i now shipping! 

The T4i housing is going to be roughly the same as the T3i except supporting the T4i Camera.  The housing is now available for pre-order for $1,499.99 and works amazingly sell with the VF180 1.2x prism viewfinder which is recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.



Olympus EPL-5Olympus E-PL5 housing coming mid-December

The Olympus E-PL5 housing is the same as all previous PEN housings, but with no lights.  The Port will fit the 60mm macro lens and is expect in mid december for only $746.99.

This housing is a great value for the price and we expect this setup to be very popular because the EPL-5 is such a great camera.  Having the same sensor as the OMD means you'll be capturing some great images.


Water WizardAquatica water wizard housing announced

Aquatica recently announced a new housing for the Pocket Wizard Plus III.  For those that don't know, the Pocket Wizard is a device used to trigger flash units from a distance.  This new housing allows you to trigger an external flash top side while having your camera rig under the surface.  Photographers who shoot fashion and portrait in pools have been waiting for just this device to take advantage of their external lighting.


Sola NIGHTSeaSola NIGHTSea light is out

The most powerful fluorescent excitor on the market and the first dual mode design featuring white light.  Start seeing the underwater world in a while new light (pun intended)



About the Author

Travis Ball is a travel blogger and underwater photographer who recently finished 30 straight months of travel. He believes everyone should enrich their lives with travel and all the experiences it has to offer. Hisphotography and writing can also be seen at his blog Flashpacker HQ. 





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LAUPS 2012 International Photo Contest winners announced

Travis Ball
See who won the LAUPS 2012 International Photo Contest, find out about the prizes and

LAUPS International Photo Contest Winners Announced.

By Travis Ball


The Los Angeles Underwater Photography Society, or LAUPS, just hosted their 50th annual international photo competition.  You heard that right, 50 years!  

The Best of Show prize went to Eduardo Acevedo of Tenerife, Spain with his image "Stars & World".  


Stars and World

Eduardo Acevedo, Tenerife, Spain, "Stars & World"

There were more than 500 entries in this year's competition with entrants from more than 20 countires including Europe, Asia, the Americas and the South Pacific.  

Prizes for the contest were sponsored by Crystal Blue Philippines, Eco Divers Lembeh, Naia, Rocio Del MAr, Tawali, Wakatobi, and Yap Manta Divers.  Head to the LAUPS Website for a full list of winners.

1st Place Macro

1st Place Macro: Tony Cherbas, "Needles"

The winners of each category were:

  • Wide-angle: Eduardo Acevedo, "Stars & World"
  • Macro: Tony Cherbas, "Needles"
  • Behavior: Ximena Olds, "Octopus Eggs"
  • Cold Water: "Allison Vitsky Sallmon, "Kelp Drifter"
  • Compact Cold Water: Stephen Holinski, "Prawn"
  • Compact Macro: Oliviero Giorgio Pulido, "Lembeh"
  • Compact Wide: Karoly Szabo, "Patrol"
  • Video Edited: Mike Boom, "Charmed"
  • Video Raw Footage: Walter Marti, "Octomoms Tussle"

1st Place Behavior

1st Place Behavior: Ximena Olds - "Octopus Eggs"

It was judged by Jason Bradley, Ering Quigley and Chris Gugliemo

Jason is a nature and underwater photographer based in Montery, California, and is a self-taught photographer with a dynamic portfolio consisting of land and seasapes, wildlife, portrature, and conservation issues.

Erin Quigley is an award-winning underwater photogrpaher, video editor and createor of GoAskErin.com, which provides custom online tutorials and one-on-one instruction specifically developed for the underwater community.

Regarded as one of America's foremost underwater photographers, Chris Guglielmo, aka. "Gug", has been making waves in the art scene for well over a decade and runs his own fine art gallery in Fort Lauderdale.

1st place Compact Macro

1st Place Compact Macro: Oliviero Giorgio Pulido - "Lembeh"

DEMA 2012 Coverage - Day 3

Todd Winner
Nauticam housings, Aquatica pocket wizard, Zen, iDive and more...

DEMA 2012 Coverage - Day 3

Nauticam, Aquatica, Zen and more...

By Todd Winner





Nauticam was showing a ton of new products including the hotshoe fiber optic trigger that we showed in day one of DEMA coverage.  Some of the other highlights are a new housing for the RED Epic and Scarlet.  The Nauticam RED housing uses both the Nikon and Canon mounts and allows you to use all of the Nauticam ports or 3rd party ports with their adapter.  It uses the RED 5 inch monitor and can be mounted inside of the top or the back of the housing.  


They were also showing a new housing for the Canon EOS 1Dx.  Not only can this housing hold the 1Dx, it will also house the 1Dc which shoots 4K video in a SLR size body.   The Nauticam 1DX housing above is shown with a 180 degree viewfinder.

They were also showing their new SLR housings for the Nikon D600 and Canon 650D (Canon T4i). The Nauticam T4i housing shown above has a 45 degree viewfinder attached.


Nauticam S110

On the compact and the mirrorless side they had new housings for the Canon S110, Sony Nex5R, Panasonic LX7 and a special video version for the Sony RX100 camera that now accommodates the HDMI cable for the DP4 video monitor.  The Nauticam S110 housing shown above is almost identical to the older FIX S100 housing.

12-50 port

Nauticam's new port and zoom gear for the popular Olympus 12-50mm zoom lens.

Nauticam's new carbon fiber strobe arms.

Zen DP-100-NCR for the Canon 8-15 fisheye lens.  Now comes with a removable shade, so the vignetting from the shade at 8mm can be eliminated.


Aqautica Pocket Wizard underwater housing


Aquatica Water Wizard is a nice off the shelf solution for those wanting to shoot pool studio images.  The water wizard houses a pocket wizard radio trigger allowing you to fire topside strobes.  It uses Ikelite cables so it is easily adapted to most systems.  

There were a lot of company's showing housing for iPad's, but one of the most unique is being offered by iDive.  It is still in development, but it actually gives you touch screen functions underwater even at depth.  

iGills has created a housing and App that turns your iPhone into a dive computer.  You also have access to the camera and video functions as well.  


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