Amphibico Announces New OLED Crystal Monitor

Amphibico offers the latest in underwater viewing
By Eric Aubort

Amphibico Announces New Underwater OLED Viewer


The new 3.5" 16:9 crystal monitor pushes the limits for underwater viewing


By Eric Aubort



Once again Amphibico has pushed its limits and now is offering the latest technology for underwater viewing, with a new high resolution 3.5" 16:9 OLED Crystal Monitor. 



The LCD Display:

  • The standard  Liquid Crystal Displays or LCD is a fairly old technology that has seen a recent burst in advancement. From calculator screens, LCDs are now fairly common in mobile phones, PDAs, computers, and many more applications. OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) are an improved version of LEDs that utilizes organic compounds to produce light.



  • The biggest advantage on the OLED display is the much improved brightness and contrast levels it provides. This in turn gives the viewer a much crisper and brighter viewing, especially in sunlight conditions. This technology, while a vast improvement over its predecessors still benefits from a power consumption that is considerably better than a conventional LCD monitor.



  • This High resolution monitor is fully compatible with both the Amphibico housings and the current Aquatica DSLR’s with video output.This High resolution monitor is fully compatible with both the Amphibico housings and the current Aquatica DSLR’s with video output.



  • The monitor housing shell is made of sturdy aluminum, anodized and then painted for added protection, its electronic components safely guarded by the best closure system available on the market today.





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